Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365 Day 7


Ever tried nutella?  It is a wonderful chocolate and hazelnut spread.  I first discovered this little treat during a university semester in Saint Pierre et Miquelon. 

As chocolate for breakfast is not the model I want to set for my family, I don't eat nutella very often.  That said Santa put a jar in my stocking this year and I am savouring every delicious bite.  If you've never tried it you should.

Have a great day!


Jewel said...

Chocolate for breakfast isnt what I'd like for my family either, but we occasionally get to a point where the kids are refusing peanut butter, so we let them have a jar of nutella because there is still a LOT of protein in it - so you can tell yourself it's healthy :)

Jaclyn said...

Great photo!