Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project 365 Day 19

These are my own hands.

It's not actually easy to take a photo of your own hands.  Final result:  camera on tripod, flash angled a little, me hugging tripod to get hands in a fairly natural looking position.  LOL!

Here are my hands. I love them and all that I can do with them. They remind me of my Mom's hands and my Nan's hands.  They work hard for me and for my family. 

One thing I do for myself and for no one else is to have my nails manicured once a month and a gel overlay applied to them. It makes them durable and they usually look great with no fuss. The hour it takes is spent gabbing with a sweet girl and is relaxing and fun.

Something just for me...pampered nails...

Have a great day.

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