Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 365 Day 18

A thought...

The above prompt for today came from gotta pixel's Stacy who wanted to take a photo of her grandfather for today's pic.  Unfortunately, I no longer have my grandparents.  So I went looking for a photo of them.  I found several shots of them as individuals or as couples, or group shots with other family members, all of which bring back many fun and happy memories.  The one I chose includes only my grandparents and myself.  I did not take this picture - I'm the one in the little white outfit.  It's my christening day many years ago.

Thanks to Stacy for making me look for and find this little treasure for today's picture.  I thought about cropping the photo and of trying to restore some of the lost color, but in the end I decided to use it just as it is.  I love the old blue sofa, the dresses, the hairstyles, the eyeglasses and the shoes.   My Dad's parents are on the left and my Mom's are on the right.   I'm very happy to have this photo.

Have a great day.

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