Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project 365 Day 331

Rain, sun, freezing wind...we had it all today.  Here we are at the downtown Santa Claus parade.  We primed with hot chocolate and coffee at Auntie K's work and then took our spots outside to see the floats, bands, cheerleaders and, of course, the big guy himself at the end of the parade.  It was a fun afternoon.  My heart goes out to all the dancers and cheerleaders who must have been freezing, but kept smiling throughout.  Hopefully they are all warm and toasty tonight.

Happy start to the Christmas Season!

Project 365 Day 330

First visit with new baby cousin today!  Dd looked and said how cute he was and then wanted to play with his brother.  Go figure.  I guess the baby wasn't as interesting as the astronaut sticker book.  :)

I loved visiting and holding the little guy.  He's changing already!  How quickly babies grow!

Project 365 Day 329

In the airport waiting for Daddy's plane to arrive.  Fortunately we had a coloring book and crayons because he was delayed.  Apparently, as the plane was heading toward the runway to take off, they realized they had an extra person on board.  The extra passenger, a woman, had forgotten to get off when the plane landed in Halifax!  They had to go back to the gate to let her deplane.  Can you believe it?

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 328

Coming home in the dark to an empty house...this is NOT my favorite time of year.  Come on December 21 so the days can start getting longer again!!!

Hoping you had a great day!

Project 365 Day 327

This is how I go to sleep each evening.  There's something about the national news and Peter Mansbridge's voice that allows my mind to stop swirling and spinning. 

Happy dreams!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Project 365 Day 326

The first snow falls of the season are always the best for making snowmen.  Even though we did not get home until after dark, dd and I still went out to take advantage of the sticky snow to roll up this fellow.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 325

It had to happen sooner or later.  Today we got the first snowfall large enough to require a shovel.

Hoping you all have snow tires!

Project 365 Day 324

Nanny and Poppy have the best trees for autumn leaf fun!  We popped by for a visit today and dd couldn't wait to begin throwing!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 323

A Hawaiian surprise party for one of my friends.  She is usually the center of all plans and doesn't let much slip by her.  We truly got her this time.  She did not suspect a thing.  We all wish you the best as you head off to the "tropical" wonders of Poland in December.

Here's hoping your day includes some pleasant surprises!

Project 365 Day 322

Although I did actually take this one yesterday, I needed to show you, up close, the newest addition to the family.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Project 365 Day 321

He's finally here.  A beautiful baby boy with light brown hair and blue eyes and a super strong resemblance to his brother.  This was the very first family pic for new baby D.  He is literally only seconds old in this shot.

I cannot thank my sister and her silly hubby enough for letting me be such an intimate participant in a wondrous day.

Project 365 Day 320

It's official, my sister has been admitted and new baby is on the way. I cannot wait to meet him.  There's still some laboring to be done, but birthday day is going to be very soon!

Have an awesome day.

Project 365 Day 319

Alphabets are the best treat cereal for a 6 year old who's learning to read. We find new and interesting words every day...then, we eat them up!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 318

I wish all homework could be this much fun. Tonight dd had the "sac sp├ęcial" full of games and puppets for a fun night of learning. Monsieur Son, the puppet, was an excellent reader.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 317 can't wait till term one reports are done.

Don't forget to take some time for yourself every day!

Project 365 Day 316

You gotta love fall!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 315

Playing crib and watching hockey. A perfect evening for my hubby and his buddy.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 314

Always remember.

We are so fortunate.

Project 365 Day 313

Dd made a picture of us.  I love her!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 312

Late afternoon sun coming through my bedroom window. I was drawn by the colors and their reflection in the window panes.  Although I 'm not a fan of shorter days, I love the light in my house when the sun is lower in the sky at this time of year.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 311

My wonderful hubby usually gets the mail. Unfortunately, he is still casted and unable to drive. The lights in the superbox hut in evening created an interesting picture.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 210

Birthday parties are the highlight of my dd's social life at the moment.  This one, a dance party, was a roaring success.  It was her first "girls only" party and they danced their hearts out.  Wonderful!

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project 365 Day 309

I give in...I'm just too tired to cook...or to even think about what to cook. Oh well, my sweet daughter was super happy with her nuggets Happy Meal.

Have a nutritious supper if you can.  If not, try again tomorrow :)

Project 365 Day 308

Minga...Do you know what it means? Neither did we until our Phys. Ed. teacher met Craig Kielburger. We now have teams of kids in our school working hard to help those who have less in our community. Here our school TV broadcast team is interviewing Mr. Butler, the PE teacher spearheading this campaing. Way to go!

Craig Kielburger is certainly a person who is worthy of our respect and I'm thrilled that our themes, contents, physical education and social awareness efforts all come together naturally.

Project 365 Day 307

A sincere class group effort on this poster for our Healthy Commotion kick off day! Well done kids!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 306

Miss Smith books are highly recommended by my 6 year old. I hope you can all find your own incredible story book. have to finish each character's story!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 305

RESPECT...This is what it means to the kids in my grade 7 class. They are awesome.

Here's hoping you respected someone and also received respect today.

Project 365 Day 304

Reading to Daddy. I don't think I'll ever tire of watching this.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'll catch up soon, but this is important.