Sunday, October 31, 2010

Project 365 Day 303

Halloween...what a night!  Over the last week, we have seen Alice in Wonderland, Tinkerbell, varied princesses, but the winner on Halloween night was her Pirate Costume.  Dd had great fun trick or treating and trying to fool the neighbors who could not recognize her right away.  Two full bags of treats, sweet candies and chips and it was time to come home.  I'm glad I just bought new toothbrushes for our family.

A special thanks to Nanny and Poppy H who brought her the cute treat bag from Disneyland on their recent trip to the West Coast states.
Happy Halloween!

Project 365 Day 302

I might have know that the house would fall apart the day after my dh has an operation that rendered him practically imobile for a while!  Fortunately, only one of our two cars was in the garage when the spring decided to break. Yup, that's it...completely snapped off from the axle.   I am not physically able to lift the door as it is right now.  Oh well, the good news is my sweetie is home to call the repair company as soon as they open on Monday.

Have a great day!  Hoping you can get out of your house :)

Project 365 Day 301

Today's the day!  Retro-calcaineal debridement with bursectomy!  Sure sounds like a complex way to fix a bump on a heel.  Good luck sweetie.  I hope this works out for you.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 300

Classroom update.  :)

Have a great day

Project 365 Day 299

Healthy Commotion Day at school today.  Theme staying active for life.  Here, our teachers team is doing their best to defeat the student champs in Tug of War.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 298

Just another typical Tuesday.  School all day, after school at the dojo, Ballet class and then Hip-Hop followed by a late supper.  Here dd is waitng patiently...very patiently for supper to be ready.  Thanks sweetie.  I know Tuesday's are particularly long.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 297

The Halloween decorating continues.  Dh loves the spooky fun of Halloween and now, so does our dd.  This is one of the very first creepy purchases he made.  It's a haunted tree house.  The poor tree needed a village, apparently to best demonstrate all of his best qualities.  Our collection also now includes fences from skeleton bones, a mad scientist's laboratory, a ghost mine and a mausoleum. 

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 296

By all accounts, these three things are the ultimate components in perfect exposure.  AAARRGH!
They are still causing me some grief at times.  Practise, practise, practise...I'm so glad I have a digital camera.

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project 365 Day 295

Super Dogs!  Daddy came home with tickets to a unique show for today.  Kyra loved it.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 294

I hate being sick.  I'm pleased to say that I rarely am sick, but today, is not my day.  This little box has been my companion since last night.  Hopefully, I will only need it for tonight.  If not, my nose is just going to go on strike and refuse to work due to sore working conditions.  I'think I'll go get myself a cuppa tea.

Hoping you are all feeling well.

Project 365 Day 293

Got my nails done today!  Thanks Andrea for suggesting the festive little ghostie embellishment.  He's adorable.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 292

I must confess that since my return to work full time, it is becoming harder and harder to take a pic a day.  I'm not giving up, but nor am I going to beat myself up for posting this on for Day 292.  This pic was taken a few days earlier, but it was so lovely to see Daddy and Daughter playing together and rolling in the grass, I want to include it somewhere.  So,  today's the day.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 291

Anyone need some silly bands???  Another new fad among dd's school friends.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 290

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.  I really do enjoy the teaching part of my job.  In the classroom, with the kids, great interactions, unexpected moments of "I got it!"  Wonderous!  Correcting and activities that eat in to my home life and family time drag me down.  I'm working very hard to keep those times a small as possible this year, but I have not figured out how to eliminated them entirely.  UUURRRGHHHH!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 289

All of the neighbors are getting in on the action.  Poor ole Mr. Byrne is looking a little under the ground...oops I meant weather in this yard scene.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 288

Now that's what I call a bubble bath!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 287

Dd has been pestering her father for days to start putting up Halloween decorations.  It has been mostly wet and cold this week.  Tonight, as we got home, she said "Dad, it's not raining right now, can we do it now, you get the lights and we'll do it now".  He could not resist.  Halloween has officially begun.

Have a great day!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Project 365 Day 286

Please meet the Thursday Night Girls.  These are many of my friends from school.  Most of them are teachers and all of them are ABBA fans.  When a local theatre group Newfound productions was offering and ABBA tribute night we knew we all had to go.  FUN!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 285

MCast is up and running for the year.  Roberts TV has begun its broadcast.  I'm learning something new from this group of kids every week.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 284

My sweet girl wanted me to include this precious princess jewel from her transformation to Aurora at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  An awesome day for sure and a sweet keepsake memento for her.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 283

These are a couple of tools that follow me whenever I have my point and shoot.  The first is my Mickey lens cleaning cloth.  The second best souvenir...right after the photos of the memories.  The other is my newly discovered lenspen.  It's a Canadian make product and works like a charm on water spots and on dust.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Project 365 Day 282

In between a few light showers, we spent another wonderful afternoon at Bowering Park.

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Project 365 Day 281

Mmm...Fresh cranberries...I can't wait till the muffins come out of the oven!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 280

We had a press conference at school today to open our new basketball court and to celebrate the rejuvenation of the property in general.  I couldn't resist getting a shot of these shoes.  We have nearly 600 kids at our school.  I bet I could shoot an equivalent number of similar, but NOT identical shoes on one day.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 279

I was trying to get a photo of my new hair color in a triple mirror.  Now that the colder weather is back, I'm back to the browns again.  It's just more "me"  I think.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 278

I couldn't have said it any better.  Simple, but important sentences on respect prepared by one of my grade 7 LFI students.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 277

Good night...Sweet dreams my angel. <3

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 276

Daddy was out of town today and Mommy was having left over salmon.  Dd was not particularly interested in the leftovers and suggested a "breakfast supper"  instead:  chocolate chip pancakes!  Yummy!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 275

Fun day at Bowering Park.  They fed the ducks, rolled in the grass, played at the playground, sprinkled each other with water from the fountain, had a picnic and then went home to play dress up.  What a day!

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Project 365 Day 274

Happy Birthday party sweet nephew!  I'm glad you liked your cake.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 273

Meet Bruce...well sort of...  My sweet nephew has fallen in love with sharks and wanted a shark cake for his birthday.  This was the best I could muster.  I think the face and mouth turned out pretty well.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 272

Yeah!  Girls night out!  It's been a while, buth the Redrock has comfy leather and free wireless.  Add dessert and a specialty coffee and you have the night of our dreams...Oh the social lives of mothers.  lol

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 271

This is my garden of success.  Created by the students in my homeroom to represent each students uniqueness and to recognizes their accomplishments.  I can't wait until it is covered with stickers!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 270

A trip to Dollarama today added yet another set of ice cream erasers to our collection.  Dd loves them.  She hides them, makes patterns with them, plays memory games...I don't think she has ever actually used one as an eraser.

I like the symmetry in this creation.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 269

Music is one of the things Daddy and dd do together.  It's wonderful to watch them together.  He is patient with her through the occasional frustrations and she keeps on going with his encouragement.  She has learned so much through the Music For Young Children program.  She can finally read music and is playing with two hands.  Great job guys!  Keep up the good work!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 268

Auntie D came to visit today and dd got to meet her next cousin for real.  He kicked and poked and she was amazed.  We are all excited to meet you little one.  Not too much longer now!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 267

Bowling night with family and friends.  Fun times were had by all.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 266

This one was taken by my bf on hurricane day.  She packed up her kids in her truck and headed to the shoreline to get some photos.  I'm inclined to think she was a bit too brave for my liking, but the shots she got are truly awesome.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 265

We were very lucky.  This trampoline was the only loss we sustained in the high winds.  My thoughts go out to those who lost everything.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 264

The day after.  Power outages are still an issue in many areas, so schools were closed.  We decided to go to Topsail beach to check out the waves and the interesting things, like full trees, that washed up on shore.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 263

What do you do when a hurricane knocks down power lines all over the eastern half of your province?  You play Monopoly by candle light of course.  Congratulations to Daddy for winning the game.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 262


Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 261

Cute caterpillar at the playground.  Cute kid :)  Love you sweetie!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 260

Thanks to my sweet daughter, my jewelery collection continues to grow.  :)

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 259

Piano lessons and piano practice have resumed for another year.

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 258

Crayola crayons...color wonderful!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 257

This is a common way to end my day since returning to work.  Oh my!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 256

Poppy's present came in a fabulous box!

Have a great day!

Project 365 Day 255

I'm going to spend some time catching up tonight.  Here are the pics.  If I get a chance, I will add a few comments.  My fear is that if I don't at least post the pics, I may soon quit and I am determined to finish my 365.

Have a great day!