Monday, March 15, 2010

Project 365 Day 74

Twenty-six days ago I started following alphabet prompts at Gotta Pixel.  I didn't know if I wanted to commit to the full alphabet, but I did it.  Today is Z...the real Z as in the one at the end of the alphabet.  Here's my pic and below it, a list of my alphabet inspirations.

A - A really fun evening
B - Black and white
C - Course - In this case, a photography course
D - Divas
E - Excellent - How I define hot chocolate on a cold day!
F - Fairies
G -Getting ready to go away
H - Hot blueberry tea
I -  I didn't follow the prompt...hehehe
J - Just me
K - Kraft Dinner
L - Lots of bubbles
M - Monkey - Curious George
N - New nightgown
O - On our way to Pixie Hollow
P - Painting fun!
Q - Quite a gift
R - Ready.  Set.  Blow.
S - Signs of spring
T - Taters of the Lost Ark
U - Unassembled and unfinished
V - Vision
W - Winner
X - X-files
Y - Yippee!
Z - Z is the last letter of the alphabet

Have a great day.