Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project 365 Day 179

Today marked the 50th wedding anniversary for dh's Aunt J and Uncle F.  50 years ago, they had their reception in the yard of their parent's house and decided to do the same today.  The house is now owned by another uncle who often hosts the best family get togethers.  They hired a tent, filled it with lilacs and served cold plates to as many of their wedding guests as they could gather.  Awesome!

My pic for today is of dd and a cousin from Labrador.  The two girls had not been together since they were toddlers, but hit it off immediately.  As the adults celebrated in the yard, the girls chased the cats (5 of them!), enjoyed the dessert treats, tested out the pool and decorated Uncle J and Aunt K's bedroom with whatever they could find.  I love this pic.  It says "Don't be mad Mom.  We're too cute and this idea just rocks.  Besides, Uncle J won't mind"


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